Version: 2.11
Inhaber: OLC Winterthur und Lukas Schubnell, Schweiz
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Release Notes

Version: 2.11
Owner: Lukas Schubnell and OLC Winterthur, Switzerland
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September, 2011


2.12 (11.12.2012)
- Deleted "Highlights" widget (->Twitter-Shit!)
- Bugfixes
2.11 (23.08.2012)
- Addes new page with other feeds
- Bugfixes
2.10 (15.04.2012)
- New Design
- Fotowidget deleted
- Fotostream by E-Widget
2.05 (21.01.2012)
- Changed the twitter-text-js for a better structur (reply,retweet,favorit)
2.04 (02.01.2012)
- Added sponsor buttons
- Added O-Feed button
2.03 (01.01.2012)
- Changed the ad.js file (Add-to-Homescreen)
- Changed the background file in the mobile version
- Changed the explanation link: It works now!(
-Added Android forwarding
-Chanced design (mobile)
-Added the mobileicon for android users.
-Changed the explanation link. (
-Added the photowidget (normal and mobile)
-Added new socialbar
-Added mailbuttom
-Deleted commentbox
-New header design